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Massachusetts Criminal Defense Firm | Boston Criminal Lawyer | Mother Vehicle Crime Attorney | Civil Traffic ViolationsWelcome to JCO Law Firm. We are a Massachusetts Criminal Defense Firm, based in Cambridge, MA.  -  serving the Greater Boston area, Middlesex county, and Essex county.

We regularly represent clients in a variety of criminal defense matters before the district and superior courts of Massachusetts, and can help provide valuable counsel and representation when you need it most – after you’ve been charged with a crime, or when you are otherwise facing civil sanctions.

Unlike other firms that will take any case that crosses their door, at JCO Law Firm, we believe in offering our clients a specialized narrowly tailored approach to their legal problems so that you know that you’re getting the best and most expert advice.  Accordingly, we take great pride in concentrating our practice to the following areas:

We know that when it comes to choosing a Massachusetts Criminal Defense Attorney, you have options – so why choose our firm? The reason is simple: We get you out of trouble fast, and we do so at an affordable price.

At JCO Law Firm you get the representation you need at a price you can afford.

We make three guarantees to each and every client we represent:

  • First, we guarantee that when you retain JCO Law Firm, our Boston Traffic Violation Attorneys will work with you to develop the best possible criminal defense available within your budget. Some clients want a criminal defense with all the extras – expert criminal defense witnesses, private investigators, laboratory analysis, and so on. We are happy to provide that for our clients. However, we also know that some clients just want the best defense they can get within their budget.  At JCO Law Firm, we custom tailor your defense to your budget. We even offer our clients free initial case evaluations and flexible payment plan options. When you do business with our firm, the price we agree upon is the price you pay – no additional hidden fees – no tricks.
  • Second, we guarantee you the highest possible level of customer service. No unanswered phone calls. No wondering about the status of your case. Some law firms believe that clients should write a check and then leave the attorney alone to work his magic. At JCO Law Firm, our Boston Traffic Violation Attorneys know that we are here to serve you. We welcome your calls and are happy to provide detailed updates regularly on the progress of your case as well as answer any questions you may have along the way. We believe in a true partnership – one that values our clients.
  • Third, we guarantee you that we will fight harder on your behalf than anyone else. At JCO Law Firm, our Boston Traffic Violation Attorneys make it their mission to go above and beyond what other firms or attorneys will do. We stay up nights thinking about your case. That’s what makes our firm the best. We genuinely care about you and making sure you get out of trouble. Criminal Defense is what we do. In fact, it’s all we do.


  Managing Partner and Founder of JCO Law Firm, PC.

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My name is John C. Olivieri, Esq. I am a Boston Criminal Lawyer, and the Founder and President of JCO Law Firm, PC. When I moved to Boston from Washington D.C. about  two years ago, I had one goal in mind: create the best Criminal Defense Firm in the Greater Boston area. Every day, I work hard to make sure that’s exactly what JCO Law Firm is – the best! So, as I said, I am a Boston Criminal Defense Lawyer, and the Founder and President at JCO Law Firm – but that’s not all I am: I am a native New Yorker, a small business owner, an expectant father, a son, a brother and a dog owner. I am a political activist, a traveler and a huge sports fan too!

I began my legal career in Criminal Defense. I have worked for the prosecution. I know how they think, and I know how to beat them. After graduation from law school, I took a position at a prestigious corporate law office of an internationally renowned firm doing International Commercial Arbitration. But I was dissatisfied helping big business get even bigger. I wanted to open my own shop. I wanted to get back to being a Criminal Lawyer. I wanted to fight for those who couldn’t fight for themselves, and I wanted to do it here in Boston.

So, I decided to leave the big law life and big law paychecks, and come to Massachusetts to open my own Criminal Defense Firm – and I did, JCO Law Firm, and we have been going strong since. Our Boston Criminal Lawyers fight prosecutors, negotiate plea bargains, represent clients at trial and guide clients through the complex web that is the Massachusetts criminal justice system.  

We get our clients out of trouble fast and we do so at an affordable price.

Boston DUI Attorney | Boston DUI Lawyer | Massachusetts Speeding Ticket LawyerBoston DUI Attorney | Boston DUI Lawyer | Massachusetts Speeding Ticket Lawyermass-bar


Don’t Take Our Word For It – Get The Facts Straight From Recent Former Clients 

“Case Dismissed!” 5/5 Stars.
- Posted by Simon,  Speeding Ticket client, 

I reached out to about 6-7 lawyers for my speeding ticket (76 in a 45). John Olivieri at JCO Law Firm was one of 2 that actually responded. He was very knowledgeable and informative over the phone. He explained the process, fees, and expectations of the case. We met in person prior to our meeting and he took down lots of notes and went through the whole process with me. At the hearing, the 3 people before me had no lawyer, and were all found responsible for their infractions. When we went up, he spoke for me and got the ticket dismissed. Not only did it save me over $300 but also the added insurance hikes would have made it a very expensive speeding ticket. His rate was very reasonable and I would definitely use him and/or recommend him in the future!

“Friendly, Helpful, Approachable, and Provides an Excellent Defense”  5/5 Stars.
- Posted by Matthew, Speeding Ticket Client, 

After getting my first traffic ticket and realizing that it would bring my insurance rates up dramatically I realized I needed a lawyer. After doing lots of research online and calling a half-dozen firms I chose John Olivieri at JCO and I am glad I did. Of all the lawyers I talked to John was by far the most helpful and approachable (in contrast one firm I called was flippant and almost rude). He took the time to carefully answer my general questions over the phone and then was super helpful and responsive after I met him and in all our emails back and forth over the course of my case. Best of all, he came up with an excellent defense and I was declared ‘not responsible’ for the tick. Thank you John!”

“10/10 HIGHLY RECOMMENDED” 5/5 Stars.
- Posted by Sebastion, Criminal Traffic Violation Client about 1 month ago.

“Great Attorney here! Relaxed/no pressure attitude, communicative, honest/up front about everything you ask for, and dedicated to helping you out. He is professional, will build a solid defense for you, and do his best to get violations being challenged with dismissed. I faced four counts of traffic violations which all were dismissed! 10/10 would rehire if needed! Highly recommended! Thank you.”

- Posted by Michael, Criminal Defense Client, 

 ”I went to the JCO law firm recently, and immediately felt at ease about my legal woes. John was very friendly and warm, and listened and assessed my case quickly. He gave me a few viable options as to how I could proceed, and when I left, I felt confident in my choice of legal representation. Overall I have the confidence going forward that John is the right choice to represent me in court.”

-Posted by Kristin, DUI Client, 

“I visited JCO Law Firm to help me out with a DUI charge. Attorney John Olivieri was great. He was smart, and caring, and got my case dismissed. He even worked with me on the price. If you are facing DUI charges I definitely recommend this firm.”




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